Flashing vacancy: filled in 12 days with the first suggested candidate

Not even the holiday season got in the way

A large B2B marketplace had two Java developers to find - the sooner the better.
With such a pressing request, the company approached GetIT.

"Well, if it’s urgent, then it’s urgent," said our recruiter Tatiana and closed the vacancy in only 12 days.

And this is during the holiday season.

Here’s how it all went down.

What was the request

The marketplace needed to find two Java developers on short notice. It would seem to be a common request. But there were certain aspects that greatly challenged our task:

  1. The company did not have a full-time DevOps engineer, so the developers had to take part of the engineering tasks on themselves. One of the requirements for candidates was the knowledge of DevOps technologies. This greatly narrowed the funnel as such versatile guys (Java + DevOps) are quite scarce on the market.
  2. We were looking for developers with at least three years of experience. But the company could not offer a net salary above 200,000 rubles.
  3. They had been searching themselves before contacting GetIT. We entered a market that was already well-developed, as the core part of the team had already been hired over the previous few months.

The advantage was that the company offered relocation to Kazakhstan. This is a pretty strong argument in the reality of 2023.

We had to find an experienced "universal soldier" who was ready to immediately take on the company’s tasks under these conditions.

The company realized that they would not be able to close the vacancy in short terms themselves, so they turned to us.

April 27. We accepted the application and got to work

Tatiana, a GetIT recruiter, was in charge. On April 27, she accepted the application and that same day she started the initial search:

  • scoured the agency’s candidate database;
  • posted a vacancy on social networks;
  • posted on job recruitment sites;
  • sourced in all possible channels.

The action had to be quick, as the holiday season was ahead: many people would go on vacation and the funnel would narrow even more.

The requirements for candidates were gradually supplemented and on May 4 they were finally approved. By then Tatyana had already made a selection of candidates and written the first letters.

May 5. Found the perfect candidate

Despite all the difficulties, on May 5 Tatiana managed to conduct the first interview.

The candidate met all the requirements of the vacancy:

  • knew Java and DevOps technologies;
  • had 4 years of commercial Java development experience;
  • was willing to work on the company’s tasks at a net salary of 200 000 rubles;
  • had finished the previous project and was ready to start a new one;
  • lived in Belgorod and the opportunity to relocate to Kazakhstan became a determining factor for him.

It all came together! Tatiana immediately passed the information about the candidate to the client.

May 16. The candidate passed the first stage of selection

The vacancy could have been closed even faster, but due to internal reasons the marketplace managers were able to carry out the first stage of selection only on May 16. And the candidate managed to pass it with flying colours!

The second stage of the selection could not be skipped and in order not to waste time it was appointed for the next day.

May 17. The candidate accepted the offer and got to work

He successfully passed the second stage of selection which was held on May 17. There was no hesitation — they immediately made an offer. The candidate confidently accepted it and got to work on the same day (May 17).
A difficult position was filled in 12 days

This example is about how important it is to turn to professionals in a timely manner.

The company was independently searching through the same sources, but the recruiter’s experience and quick response time were crucial.

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